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We noticed that a lot of people usually fall into wrong hands trying to buy a London Used Phone. It’s either they are given a counterfeit phone or a Second Hand Phone (Nigerian Used), which in most cases come with a lot of faults and don’t last. So for this, people are often scared and get discouraged in buying a London Used Phone.

This is the problem Phone Yakata has come to solve. All Phones listed on PhoneYakata.Com are 100% Original, Direct from UK and As Good As New!

So, you will not only get Original Direct UK (London) Used Phones, but also phones that are AS GOOD AS NEW PHONES. They are all completely new, just that they don’t come with the Phone Cartons and Accessories, hence are therefore regarded as UK (London) Used Phones.

NOTE: Kindly note that we don’t sell Second Hand Phones (Nigerian Used Phones). All the phones listed on PhoneYakata.Com are Direct UK (London) Used.


Our Phones are not just Original, Direct UK (London) Used and still looking new Phones, they are also very affordable. Our Prices are the best you can find anywhere.


Do you sell or thinking going into sales of UK (London) Used Phones, count on PhoneYakata.Com. We can give you Bulk Supplies of Original and Direct UK (London) Used Phones at Wholesale Prices


We have different payment options.

You can either pay online with your card or Bank Account (If you don’t have ATM Card), Bank Transfer or Pay ON Delivery. However, Pay On Delivery is only available for buyers within Lagos and for Products below N100,000.

“In summery, PhoneYakata.Com will not only give you Original and Direct London Used Phones (WITH REST OF MIND), but also at BEST PRICE With Speedy Delivery. 

So, buying a Phone from Phone Yakata is a WIN-WIN Deal for you”


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Until I started buying phones from these guys, I never knew how good UK Used Phones could be. Though called UK Used, they are actually new phones. Just that they don't come with Accessories. All these while, I was buying Second Hand Phones in the name of UK Used Phones from those Roadside Vendors, and they won't even last. Most times, they are faulty when bought. But since I discovered Phone Yakata, I realized that UK Used Phones are actually new phones that don't come with accessories. These guys are the best, I give you my WORD.
There's a touch of trust that happens when you buy from a reputable brand. UK Used Phones in Lagos is not just that reputable brand. It is more than that. From before-sales support to after-sales support, believe me when I say no one else comes close. I personally recommend them any day, anytime without any iota off doubt or reservation of any kind. Well, be ready for a sales support team that would be ready to go out of their way to give you the best; until you're sure and it's evident that you've had the best. That's who they are: providing nothing but the best; of the best services: everyday, at all times!
I like as you move your product very fast around the country If u can continued to make fast delivery, am assuring you are going to make more customers and more sale Thanks
Very nice website excellent service very good experience Very good response
Honestly This is the best Place You Can Get a Uk Used device That will Give you Rest of mind, Tested and Trusted, the Last time I Got my IPhone X 256gb from the shop I was So amazed with the Customer-centric Act I experienced & I was Guaranteed Warranty. It was Nice doing business With you.
I really loved their approach and procedures for outside Lagos deliveries, they are trustworthy and off course their phones are in optimal condition.